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  • LED Underwater Light

      Product Name:

      LED Fountain Light

      Product Model:



      Features of high brightness  IP68 waterproof LED fountain light 

      1.High efficiency CREE LED  light source.

      2.Constant current driver, No flash, fast response to achieve over-current, use of safety.

      3. High quality 316 stainless steel housing, beautiful appearance, perfect waterproof IP68 structure and heat dissipation design. Good anti- corrusion and anti-rust in the water landscape project. 

      4.Tempered glass as cover, heat-resisting and impact resistance.

      5.Silicone rubber seals.

      6.Long life, up to 50,000 hours.

      7.Monocolor and RGB color Optional: controlled by DMX and WIFI.


      Technical Parameters

      Item Number PIC-UW-9W
      Input Current constant current 
      Output Power 9W
      Luminous Flux Output >100LM/W
      Rendering Index >80Ra
      Body size 170*48mm
      Beam angle 10-90 degree optional
      Light source CREE LED
      Operating temperature -20~ +45 Degrees Celsius
      Storage temperature -30~ +65 Degrees Celsius
      Color optional Cool white:6000-6500K                                 Daylight white:4000-4500K                         Warm white:2700-3200K                                       RGB with DMX512                                           
      Housing material 316 stainless steel+ tempered glass
      LED’s Operating Life ≥50,000Hours
      IP rate IP68


      Application: Swimming pool, ponds, fountain, aquariums, recreational facilities, decoration underwater, park lake, water stage and other outdoor place for atmosphere decoration and  etc.



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