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  • LED Flood Light

      Product Name:

      30W LED Flood Light

      Product Model:


      30W LED Flood light CE/RoHS IP65/IP66
      1.Energy saving80%
      2.High brightness of 1PCS integrated chip
      3.2-3years warranty



      Model PIC-030AC1
      Watt 30W
      Voltage 85-264VAC
      LED Quantity 1PCS
      CCT 5000-7500K
      Color Cool white
      PF >0.92
      Lumen 2800-2950lm
      Size 226*186*155mm
      warranty 2-3years


       10W, 20W, 30W, 50W NOW AVAILABLE.





      1. Use single powerful integrated chip, with our own intellectual property rights for LED encapsulation. Utilize the special design of multichip single module. Choose the imported high brightness chips. With the characters of high heat conductivity, low luminous decay,


      2.The LED is closely connected to the crust, The heat from LED will be removed from the heat dissipation wing and also by the air cross-ventilation.It can ensure its life-span effectively.


       3. It adopts the toughened safety glass and silicon rubber gasket. IP65 waterproof designed, Input voltage AC 90-242VAC. It's convenient for usage and installation. Constant-current drive guarantees its stability specification.



      Use range :

      Factory, gym, pier, billboards, buildings, lawn, garden design, tunnels and other places cast light and decorative lighting


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