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      Phihong layout of LED lighting, effective in 2011 appear
      2010-12-06 08:55:48  

      Degree by the off-season and holiday of November, Phihong (2457) consolidated sales in October compared with September sales decline 10.57%, due quarterly reports Q3 Phihong and October revenue was flat, after the capital reduction was reduced by legal code, almost equal to the former price of 48 yuan of capital reduction.


      The layout of the LED lighting market Phihong, following the U.S. top five co-lamp factory, and then get the world's largest Philips Lighting factory orders, the current Phihong related applications in lighting, including electronic ballast, LED Driver power supply, most of the T5 Electronic Ballast , T8 lamps, the company further cooperation with Philips LED lighting related applications, the LED lamps 2011, the proportion of revenues from the current 10% to 17%.

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